Friday, 26 August 2011

Top five F1 teams.

Now this week is the anniversary of the first time I watched Formula One.
Now it's not a celebratory number like 20 or 30 years but I'm very proud to reach my 13th year of Formula One.

This post is all about the top five F1 teams.
Now as you can tell from this list.
I am a huge fan of the underdog.
It's the British side of me.

Some of these teams have now sadly gone and some teams are still going strong.
But without these five teams.
The last 13 years of F1 would have been a bit dull.

F1 Jordan Grand Prix sticker

The first team I ever truly loved, mainly due to Damon Hill but mainly due to Eddie Jordan's complete determination and use of a press call.
You couldn't miss Jordan.
They took risks and made some great racing. Sometimes they were the wrong call but were never afraid of calling a spade... a spade.
A team greatly missed.
Eddie Jordan's shirts however aren't.


In the first two years of my Formula one life. McLaren were my team of choice.
Dominant and always provided great racing.
Especially against the Ferrari's.
Even after a slump in the mid 2000's they still had some great inter driver rivalry's.
Now with two world champions in Button/Hamilton. McLaren makes you quite proud to be British.


I do love an underdog. To me Sauber are the epitome of this.
Always bringing new and exciting drivers into F1. Like Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen.
Even when times were tough and the team were under the verge of collapse, they always pull through.
Like Jordan, they take risks and that's what makes them exciting.
Now with Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi at the wheel more exciting drives lie ahead.


Like Sauber, Minardi were known for putting great F1 talent into there cars.
Even future world champions.
They did also put in some dud drivers. Luca Badoer anyone?
They may have been known for there great coffee rather then there great racing and they may have been the HRT of there day.
But they tried.
And I do love a trier.
Especially a Formula One trier.


Now anyone who knows me, knows I have never been a fan of Ferrari.
Sometimes controversial.
Sometimes dominant.
But without Ferrari. F1 would have been a duller place.
I can say to my kids I saw Schumacher's dominance, Massa's near championship and heard Rob Smedley voice in an F1 crisis.

Your top five teams?
Feel free to comment below.

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